The Glory of Easter!—Part 2

By Maria Fontaine

April 12, 2022

Quotations on the death and resurrection of Jesus

Here are some more beautiful thoughts on the theme of the death and resurrection of Jesus. As Christians, it’s such a core part of our lives, our purpose, our very existence.

I pray that the following quotes can be a powerful reminder of who we belong to and a tool to inspire those who are seeking truth to look to Jesus in their times of need and find everything they have longed for.

Maria: The world and the news are constantly throwing death at us. War and disease and poverty, the destructive forces, abound. But Jesus overcame death, He conquered death and rose again, and that is the hope we need to pass on to this suffering world. He lives, and because of that we—and they—can live too!

Maria: I like that quote. Throughout the course of a day or week, I bet we all find ourselves writing dates with the year included. If every time I do so, it served as a reminder of the resurrection, I would be developing a habit that will help me place greater focus on hope, and is therefore a habit that is well worth developing!

Maria: To reflect on how Jesus overcame death at His resurrection is so encouraging today, in the face of the negative, difficult, and evil things of this world. With all the problems of everyday life that each of us has to deal with, we need to know and be reminded that Jesus is with us every step of the way. He has overcome. We can rest in Him even in the midst of life’s battles.

Maria: Just think of that! We’re part of God’s kingdom that He launched on earth through the resurrection. That’s an important vision to keep in front of us. We’re not just people scattered around the world, trying to do the best we can for Him and to survive—we are part of His kingdom. And we are also His ambassadors. That’s a high calling!

* * *

Jesus: My resurrection life within you is more actual energy than you’ve probably ever realized or utilized. You have the Spirit of My Father who raised Me from the dead dwelling within you, and just as He raised Me from the dead, so can He quicken your earthen frame by His Spirit. That’s one of My wonderful truths and promises I’ve given to you, and this resurrection power that is within you through Me has given you the same power to rise above. Claim it as yours!

* * *

Maria: Happy Easter to all God’s children! I hope this series of posts uplifts your hearts and focuses your vision on God’s kingdom and your personal invitation to it, delivered to you by Jesus. What a wonderful cause for celebration!


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