By Peter Amsterdam

January 1, 2017

As the old year is being ushered out and the new year is arriving, millions of people make New Year’s resolutions, committing to pursue plans which will improve their lives in some way. I’ve done this myself in years past, but like the 92% of those who make resolutions and fail to keep them, my New Year’s resolutions have generally evaporated by the end of January. For the past few years, instead of making specific resolutions, I’ve tried to set general goals to accomplish throughout the year, and this has worked better for me.

When praying about the advent of 2017 and what goals to map out, I felt led to take a different approach. I set my phone to remind me on the first of each month to review my commitment to living in alignment with my faith. To help me in that review, I wrote out a list of key truths of faith which I feel are vital to Christian living. I also wrote a list of questions I will reflect on and answer, and a third list of some reminders I want to review at the beginning of each month. (The questions and reminders I’ve included here are things I wrote for myself, and so they’re in the first person. My prayer is that they will be useful to you in some way.)

Key Truths



Maria and I pray that your year ahead will be filled with joy, progress, and spiritual growth. God bless you!
Happy New Year!


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