Posts from October 2015

  • Distracted or Focused?

    One of the great struggles that many of us face today is giving our focus to what is most important. We are surrounded by distractions on all sides and increasing pulls on our attention. ...

    by Peter Amsterdam

  • Formula of Five: Self-discipline

    “The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.”1 

    Today we’re going to talk about an often elusive quality: self-discipline. ... (Video and audio included.)

    by Peter Amsterdam

  • Storying the Gospel—Part 3

    In order to effectively share the gospel with the people we seek to reach in the many different settings the Lord calls us to, it often takes different methods to successfully convey the message. ...

    by Maria Fontaine

  • Jesus—His Life and Message: The Sermon on the …

    The Law and the Prophets (Part 1)

    In the course of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus devoted a significant portion of the sermon to addressing the Law and the Prophets, meaning the Hebrew Scriptures—what Christians refer to as the Old Testament. ...

    by Peter Amsterdam