Posts from June 2022

  • Encouraging Others

    Encouragement is the leaven of the soul. It lifts the heavy heart, strengthens the drooping hope, stirs the potential of the mind in positive ways. For the giver, it opens their eyes to see that spark of the Divine in others.1 ...

    by Maria Fontaine

  • Jesus—His Life and Message: The Resurrection (Part 2)

    Each of the four Gospels (as well as the book of Acts) gives an account of Jesus’ appearances to His disciples (women and men) after His resurrection. In Matthew’s account, when some of the women disciples went to the tomb ...

    by Peter Amsterdam

  • Jesus—His Life and Message: The Resurrection (Part 1)

    After His crucifixion, Jesus’ body was taken down from the cross and laid in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea. A large stone was rolled over the entrance of the tomb. According to Jewish law, the type of work involved in burying a body ...

    by Peter Amsterdam