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  • Life Balance Check, Part 1: Time with the …

    We all know that time spent with the Lord is of paramount importance, but because we are so familiar with the concepts of “Word time,” “devotions,” and “prayer time,” they can sadly become cliché. ...

    by Peter Amsterdam

  • Life Balance Check: Introduction

    For the latter part of last year and the first months of this year, I struggled with ongoing back pain which made it difficult for me to work at my computer, and it also hindered my sleep and exercise. ...

    by Peter Amsterdam

  • Distracted or Focused?

    One of the great struggles that many of us face today is giving our focus to what is most important. We are surrounded by distractions on all sides and increasing pulls on our attention. ...

    by Peter Amsterdam

  • Formula of Five: Time Management

    “Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.”1

    As has been said, time is one thing that you can never get back again. ... (Video and audio included.)

    by Peter Amsterdam