Just Doing It

October 14, 2017

by Maria Fontaine

Some time ago I was talking to my ever-present Friend about some problems that I was having. One problem seemed to lead to another. First of all, I was so very tired all the time. Being tired constantly prevented me from getting all my writing and correspondence done. It also prevented me from having any energy to exercise. I told the Lord that I knew exercise was important, but I was sure that He could understand how, under these circumstances, it was impossible for me to fit it into my schedule daily.

In effect, what I was asking Jesus for was a merciful exemption; instead, He gave me something much better—a workable solution. He said the main adjustment I needed was in my thinking. He took time with me, patiently explaining. Knowing that He was so interested in my health and happiness and well-being made me feel loved and cared for. He again went over something I had lost sight of—that without proper exercise I would keep growing more tired, the work would pile up even more, and my health and job would suffer, all because of not making this physical activity a top priority. He lovingly added, “And I don’t want to see you suffer, My darling.”

Following are the most important excerpts of His message to me. While the Lord was talking to me about my personal situation, I felt that His counsel contained good principles that could be helpful to all of us.

(Jesus, speaking in prophecy:) It’s important to look at this with the right perspective. You see exercise as something supplementary, something that you do on the side, while you consider other things to be of greater importance. That’s why it falls by the wayside so often.

Instead of looking at it in this way, you have to see your exercise as a priority. The consequences of not getting exercise will vary from person to person, but lack of exercise is always detrimental in one way or another. If you don’t get it, then your blood doesn’t circulate properly. Your organs, including your brain, don’t get the oxygen and nourishment they need. In your case, your hemorrhoids worsen due to weakened vein health. Your concentration falters and your ability to remember things grows less efficient. The added strain and stress on your body can disrupt your sleep, leaving you feeling worn out much of the time. Your immune system weakens, leading to more colds and infections that can end up hindering your work.

If you’ll stop to look at your exercise and consider the debilitating impact that letting it slide has on everything else in your life, it will help you to bring it back into proper perspective and give it its rightful place. Your work takes you far more time to get done when you don’t do your exercise. This pressures you to invest more time in your work, but that means cutting out still more exercise, which slows you down even more.

My suggestion would be to take an hour of exercise daily. I know you’d love to go out for brisk walks, which of course would be very good, but because your eyes won’t allow it, use the other methods I’ve provided.

For the first five minutes of each exercise session do low-impact exercise like stretches, exercise bands, chair exercises, etc., to warm up your muscles, followed by more vigorous or aerobic exercises: standing push-ups, jumping jacks, walking up and down stairs, using a stepper, your rebounder1 or stationary bicycle. You personally will have to do some of these at a little lower level of intensity, but you still need to do them and not slack off as you have been. Breaking it into two parts, with one in the afternoon, is ideal in your case; but one way or the other, it needs to be in your day. This is an essential part of your healing process.

One goal you have in getting and staying healthy is to be able to continue your service to Me. To get there, you have to exercise. It’s not an option to skip your exercise because you have some work that’s piling up.

Find ways to delegate the work or prioritize based on what you absolutely have to do rather than what you want to do. Breaking that downward spiral of crowding essential exercise out of your day might mean that some things don’t get done at first, but the net gain in the longer term will mean that even more will be accomplished.

The reason why there seems to be so much to do, more than you can get to, is in most cases not from a lack of time but a need for greater focus, efficiency, and more energy. Your body has to operate more effectively. Diet, sleep, exercise, times of relaxation, and of course resting in Me and communing with Me are all primary factors that have to be kept in balance if you want to be more efficient.

You can’t do it by just pushing yourself harder. More often than not, what is lacking in your balance is getting enough exercise. You have to reach the point where the habit of proper exercise has become a consistent part of your life. Exercise is also key to reducing stress.

Your work is important. However, it comes down to priorities. Your exercise is a priority if you want to continue to heal. Healing is a priority if you want to do your work to the best of your ability.

This is one of those things that you won’t see the results of until you step out and just do it, like it or not. It takes persistence for a while for the results to become significant enough that you notice them. But it is essential.

Exercise is not time wasted, just as sleep isn’t time wasted, or relaxation isn’t time wasted, or time eating isn’t time wasted, or taking time in meditating on Me and My words is not time wasted. Each time you invest in proper exercise, it creates a little more strength and clarity and drive and efficiency in the other aspects of your day. You need to see this as the priority that it is. There is no way around this critical element that enhances everything else you do.

I’m being very forthright in this for you, My love, because in your situation you have the ability to implement these things, even if at times it will be challenging. Others may not have this much control over their time and schedules, but it’s still important that they are diligent to do as much as they can in their situations.

Even when getting regular exercise may seem virtually impossible for people who are extremely busy, considering their work schedules and familial responsibilities, it’s important that they do as much as they possibly can. It may require some ingenuity, some creative and out-of-the-box approaches, but if they look to Me, I will help them. If each one will do all that they can, then I can keep them.

Maria: Thank You, Jesus, that You care enough to point out when I’m not going in the right direction. Thank You for correcting my course when it needs it. Even though this is going to be a tough habit to rebuild, I know that I don’t have any excuses for not doing what it takes. I’m determined to give it my all.

* * *

I know that those who don’t exercise regularly are significantly more likely to suffer more long-term, debilitating, and degenerative conditions. That can mean more suffering, immobility, and loss of mental acuity. People who exercise regularly, even if they start in their sixties or later, are significantly more likely to experience better overall health and stamina in their final years.

Since I want to be one of these, here are my most important takeaways from His talk with me.

  • I have to see my exercise as a priority.
  • I need to consider the debilitating impact that letting it slide has on everything else in my life.
  • To reach the goal of getting and staying healthy, I have to see exercise as an essential part of my healing process.
  • Diet, sleep, exercise, relaxation, and communion with Him are all priorities that need to be kept in balance.
  • Exercising is not time wasted.
  • Each time I invest in proper exercise, it creates a little more strength, clarity, drive and efficiency in my day.

P.S. You’ll notice that the Lord mentioned that I should do some “vigorous” exercise. In my mind that term represented something that even at the best of times I wouldn’t be capable of doing. The level of exertion in some exercise regimens is so intense that I’m barely able to do what to them would just be warm-ups.

The term “vigorous” can mean different things to different people. So I asked the Lord what He considers vigorous exercise for me at my present level of health. And how would I know if I am exerting myself enough to call it vigorous?

(Jesus, speaking in prophecy:) For you, if you start to feel yourself getting out of breath or are experiencing tiredness or aching when you take a little pause, then that is a sign that your exercise is having an effect, and that is vigorous enough for you.

You don’t want to push too hard to where you injure yourself; it’s better to be safe than sorry. What you are doing can be increased a little more, but if you strive to exercise at your current level and do it every day when possible, you will see improvement. If now and then you fail and miss it, don’t be discouraged. Just try again.

There might be times when you don’t feel well enough to exercise. There may be times when perhaps rest and sleep might be what you need most. You need exercise and it should be a habit, but that has to be balanced with My loving counsel, which may make exceptions when other things are more necessary. Ask Me. I’m going to show you what is your personal best.

1 A small trampoline-like item designed for lower-impact exercise that helps your circulatory and lymphatic system.